Swoop Tutors 2021 Donation to The Education Trust

Diversity – an attractive characteristic in mindsets, life experience, and backgrounds, but a dangerous barrier in finances, opportunity, and treatment. Whereas certain school districts receive more than favorable funding and enough resources to recruit the most knowledgeable and dedicated teachers and staff, others are severely underfunded and underrepresented. Lack of funding and resources tends to lead to unmotivated teachers, poor leadership, and can create an unsafe school environment for students. Unfortunately, this unfair and unfortunate situation disproportionately affects students of color and students of low-income families.

Each semester, Swoop Tutors donates to a different organization to further our mission of spreading education and knowledge to people of all backgrounds. This semester, we have chosen to donate to The Education Trust, an organization dedicated to removing educational opportunity gaps. The Education Trust believes that opportunity gaps in the professional world are due to the opportunity gaps present in education. These are caused by the disparity in resources available to specific students from school districts with a lack of funding. The Education Trust is dedicated to remedying this by working alongside advocates and policymakers to identify the causes of the academic achievement gaps seen throughout the country. They aim to tackle systemic racism and economic inequality, striving to ensure that these factors do not negatively impact students’ education. 

The Education Trust’s primary weapon against educational inequality is advocacy on a district, state, and national level. Starting locally, they aim to educate the general population about the issues the organization is fighting. The Education Trust uses the power of social media, their website, and blog posts to create a database of easily accessible and understandable information about the cases they are fighting.  Not only does Education Trust use words to promote change, but they also exist as a platform of empowerment for their members. This allows the public to see that these are not just the words of a faceless organization, but rather the experiences of real people, potentially from their own states or towns.

Swoop Tutors decided to donate to this organization not only because The Education Trust’s message is so moving and powerful, but because it also ties into our mission: to provide affordable and accessible tutoring services to people of any race or socioeconomic status. Our young, relatable, and diverse group of tutors emulate The Education Trust’s goal of providing students with a high-quality education that does not discriminate against them in the way that traditional school systems may.

Swoop Tutors is dedicated to providing the best education possible to all students, regardless of their situation in life. Our message that “everyone has the capacity to learn” echoes The Education Trust’s beliefs and principles, which is why we have decided that they would be the perfect organization to donate to this semester.