About Us

Our Story

We are a group of recent college graduates and lifelong friends who have united to tackle the challenges of virtual learning facing parents and students. After seeing our younger siblings and parents struggle with today’s learning environment, we knew there had to be a more effective way to help students realize their learning potential. So we joined forces with learning specialists, technology experts, teachers, and parents to create an effective and unique learning service that helps students succeed and enjoy their virtual learning experience, all in one swoop.

One size does not fit all. At Swoop Tutors we recognize the importance of student and tutor alignment for successful learning. We provide ease in identifying and scheduling the right tutor, for the right subject at the right time for the student.  Our tutors are from top schools, available every day of the week and skilled at creating a learning atmosphere that is fun, effective and right for the student. 

Our Difference:

  • Quick matching based on your schedule
  • Young, relatable, and diverse tutors to choose from
  • Effectively integrating technology into learning
  • Creating meaningful social opportunities for young students

Meet Some of Our Tutors

Our tutors bring with them a record of excellence at the top universities in the United States, along with a diverse background of skills and hobbies. As current college students or recent graduates, they are much closer in age to your child than teachers or typical tutors. Having a more relatable tutor creates a fun and engaging environment where your child will learn not only how to succeed in the classroom, but also attain skills for life. It is our belief that our tutors will serve as a role model for your child and mentor them to future success.