Learning Styles

Did you know that each child has their own unique way of learning? Children across the world learn differently based on their personality and the way that they receive information. Just like we as adults have our very own way of engaging in our practice of learning, so do our children. This is why your child’s teacher works to create differentiated learning in their classroom. Differentiated learning is simply when your child’s teacher tailor their lessons to meet the individual learning needs of students. This is also what makes Swoop Tutoring unique!

There are 4 types of learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic.

  • Visual learner– the ability to learn by seeing things (demonstrations, pictures etc)
  • Auditory learner– the ability to learn by listening to lectures and tapes
  • Reading/writing learner– common style of learning where children read or write about what they learn
  • Kinesthetic learner– the ability to learn through hands-on activities

The quickest way to learn your child’s style of learning is by connecting with your child’s teacher or administering a learning style inventory. Swoop Tutors encourage you to learn your child’s individual style of learning to ensure that they’re having the best educational experience possible! When understanding your child’s style of learning you can invest in school materials that your child will enjoy. Enjoying the process of learning is key to your child’s educational success. All in all, it is their enjoyment and snacks :).  Understanding your child’s learning style can also help you spot out the right educational learning service that is best for them. So we encourage you to seek out your child’s learning style and if it helps, yours too!