Back to School

It is the month of August and students are now getting prepared to go back to school. After experiencing nearly 2 years of being in a non-traditional school setting due to COVID-19, each of us may have mixed feelings about going back to school. Many students may feel anxious while others may feel excited about being able to be back in the classroom. No matter where you or your child find yourself on the spectrum, we know that the time will come for us to start a new school year. Below you will find 3 tips to help prepare your child for an awesome back-to-school experience.


Have a conversation:

It is no secret that COVID-19 has disrupted what we considered to be a “normal” back-to-school experience. Conversations that we would usually have with our children may change due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 virus. You need to talk and explore your child’s feelings and thoughts regarding going back to school throughout a pandemic. Parents, you are encouraged to ask questions about their level of excitement about going back to school as well as explore possible fears they may have regarding school.


Practice classroom procedures:

Attending your child’s open house at the beginning of the school year is a great opportunity for you to learn and understand what is expected from your child throughout the school day. We strongly recommend that you take time to practice the classroom routines and procedures with your child at home. Making your child aware of what is expected of them throughout the school year supports your child is off to a strong start.


Explore learning resources:

At the beginning of the year, most schools usually provide you with a supply list. However, it is strongly encouraged for you to not limit your child’s resources to their supply list. Instead, you should ask your child’s teacher about some additional items that you can get to support your child at home. Learning resources should be tailored towards your child’s learning style. These resources can range from hands-on manipulatives to tapes, flashcards, etc.


Parents, you play a very important role in your child’s readiness for school. The tips that have been listed above are not the only way that your child can have a strong start back to school. However, following these tips shows that you are off to a great start!